We're animal lovers too!

My name is Sara and I love my pets. I also love to spoil them! I started this business because I wanted to be able to give my dog and cat a box of goodies at the same time (they get jealous!). 

Everything included in our box is something I give my dogs and cat.

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Meet our team


Chief Chew Tester - Jack loves dog bones


Chief Mouse Chaser - Lucy loves chasing (fake) mice around


Chief Toy Tester - Lily loves toys. Just don't try to take her tennis ball away from her!

Philosophy and Vision

I want you to feel safe giving your pets the toys and treats contained in our quarterly parcel. Feel free to email me with concerns about any items and I will do my best to accommodate or find an alternative solution.

I'd love to hear suggesstions about potential vendors from customers and other business owners, particularly small businesses in the United States and Canada. I am actively seeking social enterprises that produce pet products.

Finally, a portion of proceeds are donated to animal causes. In 2017, we've donated to local and national agencies such as the Anti-Cruelty Society (Chicago), PAWS Chicago, and the ASPCA. I'd love to hear suggestions from subscribers as well.