Spoil your fur baby with luxury toys and treats delivered to your door every 3 months 

~ A variety of toys and treats that will keep your pet busy  ~

~ All treats made in the US or Canada to keep your pet safe ~

~ Unique toys you won't find in most stores ~

~ Includes items from companies with social missions ~

How It Works

1. Choose your pets

Choose whether you want to treat your dog, cat, or both. 

2. Choose your dog's size (where applicable)

We tailor packages based on dog size.

3. Get your parcel

All pet parcels are delivered around the 1st of the following months: March, June, September, December.

What's included in a Pet Parcel?

Every three months, we'll send you a package with a number of toys and treats for your cat, dog, or both.

We want to spoil our pets, but sometimes you may have too many toys and treats. With a quarterly parcel, you won't get toys and treats as frequently, but you will have the chance to try new things and replace old toys as they break.

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What's in the latest package?

December Dog

4 treats, 2 plush toys, 1 rubber toy, 2 balls, and 1 rope. Toys come in various sizes (average dog size pictured here)

December Dog & Cat

Everything from the dog and cat parcels.

December Cat

2 treats, 7 toys, and a cat mat.

These are representative of the packages sent out. Colors and/or flavors may be different.